Worship Equippers


EQUIPPING the body of Christ to make the Kingdom of God audible and visible to the nations of the world through the singing of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs accompanied by the Davidic instruments of the Psalms and multiethnic instruments of the nations, multimedia, signs, symbols, dance, pageantry, drama, and sacred art; providing missional support and ministry resources for churches, church planters and missions organizations.


EDUCATING 21st century Christians on the history and biblical paradigms for Christian worship; the dynamics of today's growing convergence worship movement which blends the evangelical, charismatic and sacramental worship traditions; the impact of the Protestant Reformation on Christian worship; the Jewish Roots of Christian worship; the teachings of the early Church Fathers; the dynamics of Celtic evangelism and other missional initiatives for evangelizing postmodern culture.


EXPLORING the role that “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs” have in revival spiritual awakening coupled with workshops that introduce “easy to play” musical instruments and other worship resources that help equip individuals and families to cultivate a lifestyle of daily worship expressed through praise, Bible study, prayer, and ministry to others.


EXPOSING the spiritual warfare being waged against the heart, mind and soul of this generation through entertainment media including MTV, popular music, films, television programming, video games, cartoons, print advertising, and the Internet.


EVANGELZING the nations (ethnos - people groups) by helping to equip churches, church planters, missionaries, evangelists, and praise teams with multiethnic musical instruments and other ministry resources to use in cross-cultural ministry to Muslims, Hindus, Seiks, Buddhists and other spiritual seekers who have immigrated to America from the “10/40 Missions Window”, stretching across northern Africa, the Middle East and Asia which contains the least evangelized people groups in the world.


ESTABLISHING 21st Century Christian communities patterned after the early Christian community described in Acts 2:42-47 in cooperation with local churches through community worship celebrations, neighborhood Bible studies, prayer gatherings, hospitality ministries, performing arts presentations, and other missional initiatives that advance the Kingdom of God.


ENLISTING pastors, teachers, evangelists, missionaries, praise teams, psalmists, worship arts directors, dance instructors, dance teams, drama teams, artists, artisans, multimedia designers, technicians, church planters and other ministry specialists to co-labor with the Worship Equippers Missions Network (WEMN) which provides worship celebrations, seminars, retreats, conferences, symposiums, missional support and resources for churches of many denominations and Christian organizations. To receive application information for the WEMN please email introductory information about your ministry to DFSpraise@aol.com; or mail to: Worship Equippers for Christ, 21010 Southbank St. # 225, Potomac Falls, VA 20165.

Worship Equippers

Worship-Missions for the 21st Century

WORSHIP EQUIPPERS FOR CHRIST is an interdenominational missions ministry committed to helping equip 21st century Christians to experience life transforming worship that advances the Kingdom of God into the nations of the world. To fulfill our mission we network with skilled "worship-equippers" from throughout the body of Christ to provide worship celebrations, seminars, retreats, conferences, missional support and ministry resources for churches and Christian organizations that feature the ministries referenced above.

21010 Southbank Street #225
Potomac Falls, VA 20165